No Way to Repay


I never thought that I would write about this but I made a mistake that I want to publically confess many years later. When I was in high school, I had the inclination to rebel against almost all the cultural rules in the conservative society where I grew up. My culture was obsessed with these invisible barriers. As a teenager, I enjoyed partying and dancing every Thursday.On one of these Thursdays, I needed some money to get into a party, so I snuck into my parents’ room and opened my father’s closet to “borrow” some money.

I made a promise to God at that time that I would return this money as soon as I could. However, although there were many times that I had money in my pocket, I did not return it to my father’s closet. Instead, I used the money for other things rather than giving it back to my father, believing that my father would always be available.

After many years, my father passed away and I still had not returned the money. Today, I have enough money to pay it back, but I have no father to receive the money.

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