Mental Runs


This may sound weird to some of you who are reading this now. Running gives me a cozy feeling that helps me to preserve my calm and peace of mind. Slow and short runs are the ideal coping tool for the frustration that I encounter in my life; they are also my remedy to recover from long exhausting runs.

I run at a short pace while I enjoy the music that flows smoothly through my earbuds, waves my eardrum, and perform on my mind in a good way. I let myself go along with that angry and mad lyric which works for me because it keeps my mind entertained rather than being focused on the cramps that come with my moving joints and legs.

After brutally massacring many Christmas cookies in the past few day, I had the urge to go out and run, so the holidays-related guilt would not ruin my day. Although last night was windy and cold (25 F), I put my running gear on and turned my beast mode button on. Running for a little more than four miles gave me the warmth and energy to keep my mood steady.

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