Shock-Related Injuries


Running is mainly associated with knee injuries if precautions are not taken into consideration. There are certain steps that I follow to avoid such injuries. First, I pick the right shoes for me to reduce the impact on my knees and other joints, and I make sure that I land on the balls of my feet during a run, which helps to distribute the shock appropriately.
Moreover, I stretch before (warm-up) and after (to avoid adhesion-related injuries) a run and I gradually increase my distance over time. I believe that running is a lifestyle and this takes time to become a reality. During that time, I need to pay special attention to my knees and to my body as a whole.
In order to adopt a healthier behavior such as running, we should go through “stages of change,” which is a part of Transtheoretical model for behavioral change.
The stages of change are:
1- Precontemplation: We are not even thinking about a change in our behavior.
Me: I will never run.
2- Contemplation: We will make a change in our behavior within the next six months.
Me: Ah, I may run in the next six months.
3- Preparation: We will take a step within a month.
Me: I will try to run this month but I do not know when and where. Do not push for it.
4- Action: We are adopting a change.
Me: See, I am running. It feels good!
5- Maintenance: We are maintaining our new behavior for six months now.
Me: I love running! I will do another 5k soon.
Long story short, I needed a lot of time to make running part of my life and free from shock-related injuries.


Police vs Thieves


Looking through the window at work, I saw two squirrels on a fence chasing each other on this cloudy day. This incident evoked my nostalgia about a game I used to play with my classmates in elementary school which was known at that time as,”police and thieves.” Girls would be in one group which was called police and boys would be in another group and it was labeled as thieves.

The whole game was based on an idea that police chase the thieves during lunch break, catch them, and put them in a prison. Once a police person touches or taps a thief, that the thief person would be out of the game. I was the fastest “thief” in my group and police girls would leave until I was the last one in the game, and then the police would design a trap to catch me.

Old Memories!

Full crazy – Part I

August is my favorite month of all year. For no reason, I become more energetic, enthusiastic, and fearless. My belief is that I can do whatever I want to do in this month with no hesitation, and then I can fix any unfavorable outcomes later.  I can confidently say that almost all the life-changing events that happened in my life were in August, such as finishing all my graduate degree requirements on the 14th in 2017, coming to the US on the 21st, and engagement on the 2nd; not all mentioned events were successful. I wish that August were more than 31-days.

After this brief introduction about my ecstatic month, I made a bold decision that I could make about running. I decided to run a marathon – it is crazy, is not it? In addition, the one that I chose was the Richmond Marathon. I did not know anything about this marathon until I saw a post on my Facebook newsfeed about local training programs for this marathon, and I picked it with no further due. They say that you are half-crazy if you do a half-marathon which I did, and because I did not like half solutions, personally, I committed myself to becoming full-crazy by running a full marathon.

Following my impulsivity on 08/15/2017, I registered for the Richmond Marathon, which was on November 11th, so I had almost three months to process what I signed up for and to train for it.

Although I was skeptical about my capability to train and run the marathon, I kept working hard because it felt good to set a goal and try to achieve it. It was a big goal, but I was not looking for it eagerly rather than achieving small steps to get to the big goal. My plan was simple which included two to three short runs per week. I ran for three miles on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and one long run on the weekends of a minimum 15-miles. Neither short nor log runs were easy as they were tiring. My short runs were almost after work which meant after 5:00 PM and they were my joyful runs, and my long runs were early weekend mornings which were exhausting and painful. Not everyone wants to go through this especially when you consider running your hobby, and you do it whenever it is convenient for you unless you believe in yourself. A self that is determined to challenge its self and explore new things about it.

Sometimes, I decide to go for a 15-mile run but half way I feel down and quit running, which made me feel guilty for the time and the effort that I dedicated that day, and I just walk all the way back to my home wrestling my frustration with the natural scenes of the park. With the time, I realized that it is okay if I cannot keep my running plan as it supposed to be because I am a human being with feelings and emotions that can be swayed by little things throughout the day, such as work, school, and family.

Time went by, I leveled up my running distance above 15 miles at a rate of 10%-15% miles per week, and this was going well until I stuck with the mile 18. I kept trying to go beyond 18 miles, but I could not, and this shook me as I had only four weeks before the race with one week for recovery, so I had only three weeks total. I thought I could train to run for 22 miles and would leave the 4.2 miles for the actual marathon (a marathon is 26.2 miles), but with the 18th-mile dilemma, I was not even close to my training goal.

Awkward Order


When I was in Arizona back in 2009, I went to one of the Subway restaurants to get a footlong tuna sandwich during my lunch break. At that time, I had been in the US for a few months and had not had the chance to practice my English a lot, but after a lot of hesitation, I decided to go in and order a whole wheat bread with tuna and some vegetables. I was thrilled that I did not struggle to communicate with the subway staff, but at the end, the employee said one word that I could not understand, so I asked her to repeat what she said, and she did loudly, and that did not help either. It was an awkward situation because I did not get the word she was telling, and the customer next to me seemed to be in a hurry. Finally, that customer told the employee, “yes, please.” The employee wrapped my sandwich with paper and handed it to me with a smile. I paid for my order and took my order with reservations.