It Has Been a While

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. It has been a while since I ran my last marathon which was in April. It has been a while since I had an injury-free run. I have been busy lately; I have started a new life, different work, and new area.
It took me one month to recover from the last marathon (Blue Ridge Marathon), and I felt great to start running again; but for some reason, I got obsessed with speed. Speed runs can be deceiving because you can run faster and your stats look impressive momentarily, but it is only for a short distance. I increased my pace gradually, or so I thought, and I started running more often. I could not even wait to finish my run and look at my time in my app. My fastest run was 7:09 min/mile and I was happy about that. A few days later, my knees began telling me that they would not keep up with my excitement. I gave myself a break to rest and recover, and that was enough for my left knee. My right knee was demanding more time, so I stopped running for almost two months.
Meanwhile, I began swimming because it is a low-impact exercise that I could enjoy instead of running. Swimming was fun for me, but it was not as fun as running.
After two months of the no-run period, I finally tried yesterday to go out for a short run. I was concerned that my knees would relapse. I started running slowly and with caution. Outside, my smile grew with each pain-free strike, and there was a sense of relief inside me that reassured me that I was doing great. I ran for 4.30 miles, and my pace was 9:46 min/mile; my stats were not great, but I was happy to get back to running. I hope I can run for a short distance and be injury free.
Don’t speed when you run; it is like speeding when you drive!