Another Run!

I am trying to get back to running gradually after my injury. Today, it is was chilly and windy; temperature was 59 F. Two hours after having my black bean burger, I have decided to burn some of the calories, so I put on my running gear with a jacket to keep me warm throughout the run; If I found my gloves, I would use them as well. Head out and start running with no warming up; I do not warm-up for short runs. It was refreshing to run in cold weather. No many runners were out there because it was cold. I do not do what other people can do, but I do what many people can not do, such as running when it is cold or rainy. I started my run slowly, and I increased my speed a little bit to avoid any further injury. The first mile was fun because it was slow, the second mile was freezing because I crossed the bridge when I was hit by a a cold breeze, the third mile was easy because it was flat, and the fourth mile was hard because it was uphill. I was excited to finish my short run with no injuries; I also had some cool pictures during my third mile.

Consistency is the key for successful running; speed and distance will come later.

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