White House Run

Yesterday morning, the temperature was around 50 F which was higher than the average, and it was chilly and sunny. I decided to go for a long run of eight miles; my destination was the White House. I chose to run in D.C. for many reasons; D.C. was beautiful, people were from everywhere, and there was a lot of energy. Once I left my home, I launched my MapMyRun application; it took the application some time to pick a GPS signal, which it did after a few minutes. This was one of the reasons that I was looking for a new run tracking devise. Sometimes the GPS signal could be spotty which could affect my run statistics. I ran immediately after that going on a running path “greenway” and crossing through different areas to get to my final destination.

The only concern I had about running in D.C. was the traffics signal; I had to stop many times waiting for the pedestrian signal to turn green. Despite that, I made it to the White House, where I took a picture of it to document my run. I ran only for six miles instead of eight because I did not run a long run in a while, so I did not want to overuse my legs.

The amount of energy in D.C. is enormous. It is contagious when you see other people working out. I got infected with one some of the energy units from other people, and I hope I spread some of my energy units to the environment to spread motivation.

New Year 2019

Another yet came to an end, and another one has just begun. My fitness journey was not as exciting as my personal life in 2018, but 2018 was a great year for me overall.

You can tell that I did not run a lot since my last post about “You VS the Year 2018” because I ran only 56 kilometers in 45 days, and this put in the top %18 of that annual challenge. Honestly, these numbers do not reflect who I am; I am competitive by nature.

The “You VS the Year 2019” is on, and I joined it yesterday. I started my new year by a short run of almost four miles. It helped me to burn some of the calories from the holidays and switch my mood from neutral to positive.

My goals for 2019 are more short runs. I am thinking of one short run per month, and one or two long runs, half or full-marathon. A new run tracking device may be nice to have for this year, but I have not decided yet. There are so many options out there, and I need to do some research.

Whatever your new year’s resolutions, I hope 2019 brings you fitness and speed!