White House Run

Yesterday morning, the temperature was around 50 F which was higher than the average, and it was chilly and sunny. I decided to go for a long run of eight miles; my destination was the White House. I chose to run in D.C. for many reasons; D.C. was beautiful, people were from everywhere, and there was a lot of energy. Once I left my home, I launched my MapMyRun application; it took the application some time to pick a GPS signal, which it did after a few minutes. This was one of the reasons that I was looking for a new run tracking devise. Sometimes the GPS signal could be spotty which could affect my run statistics. I ran immediately after that going on a running path “greenway” and crossing through different areas to get to my final destination.

The only concern I had about running in D.C. was the traffics signal; I had to stop many times waiting for the pedestrian signal to turn green. Despite that, I made it to the White House, where I took a picture of it to document my run. I ran only for six miles instead of eight because I did not run a long run in a while, so I did not want to overuse my legs.

The amount of energy in D.C. is enormous. It is contagious when you see other people working out. I got infected with one some of the energy units from other people, and I hope I spread some of my energy units to the environment to spread motivation.

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