The Struggle is Real

Al Janabi - Pic. On the 17th of December, I have decided to go for a run which would be my first long run after my marathon, which was more than a month ago. It was a cloudy and chilly day with occasional showers that I could tolerate, so I gathered my running gear from different corners of my home: my “running hoodie,” hanging on the doorknob of my closet; my shorts from the dryer; my favorite running shoes, Brookes, from the closet near the main door of my apartment; my compression socks from somewhere else in my place. Slower than my typing skill for this post, I put the clothes on and looked through the window of my living room to assess the situation outside pondering,” should I go today, or I should do it tomorrow?”
After a period of thinking, I walked slowly to the kitchen, and with each step, a few calories were burned which could have been utilized running. Finally, I made it to the kitchen with a deep sigh and sat on a unique chair, which was unique because it was the lonely old heavy chair in there, but it was comfortable for me. On my chair, I started leaning back and forth trying to get the motivation to get out of that chair. It felt like there was a magnetic power that held my body down to the seat, and my soul was pushing against that. Finally, I got up and moved to the ironing board “table” where I had lazily thrown my things – grabbing my iPhone, a bank card, headset, and my apartment keys. I finally walked beyond the door after being drained by all the down feelings inside me, but it did not take more than a few steps before my feet took me back to where they started one minute ago.
Back again in my home, I did random little things to convince myself that I was active, and my weekend could be better; I cleaned, organized stuff, read, and took a nap but none of them brought my spirit up. It was around 4:00 PM when I questioned myself, “only two hours left for me before it gets darker and colder. Should I give it a try to go out and run?”
I went through the same cycle of pushing myself through a field of my negative vibes and low energy to get ready for going out. I was so ready physically but mentally I was waiting for my brain to signal and ignite the fuel in my muscles. This time, I made it outside, to nature, but not more than the main door of my apartment building this time.
I gave up, yes, I gave up to myself in that moment. I did not really feel bad; it just was not my day.

Everything has a Beginning

RunI would like to share my ongoing running experience that started back in 2015. I do not have any plans to stop anytime soon unless I get injured which I try to evade as long as I can. I am neither a professional runner nor an expert in this field. I just want to write, share, and maybe inspire some folks. Running has changed my life in many different ways and become an integral part of my daily life, as it has a positive impact on both my physical and mental wellbeing.

I use the MapMyRide app on my iPhone to record all my activities, such as walking, biking and running.  As you can tell from the name of the app. that my intention was to record and track my rides. Personally, running was an alternative easy way to abolish the guilt feeling associated with not biking for various reasons. I remember that my first run was on Sunday 04/05/2015 when I ran 0.52 mile in 5:47 minutes which was exhausting and humiliating. What seemed to be an easy run, turned out to be an eye-opener evidence on how unfit I was. Although I used to bike frequently in 2015, it did not help my fitness level when it came to running. I gradually reached a realization that I could burn more calories than biking for the same distance, which led to a continuous shift in my outdoor activity choice from biking to running.

My goal is to create a blog for runs/ workouts that are special to me. Run description includes, but not limited to;  motivation, distance, pace, and weather conditions; blogs may also include any unexpected run-related event. If I could address these components with my words, I would say with confidence that I knock out my fears, doubts, and insecurities that come along with each run.